WNDZ 750 AM/Portage, Indiana/Chicago


WNDZ is a 15,000 watt, directional AM radio station licensed to Portage, Indiana, that can be heard in parts of four states, including Illinois, Western Michigan, Northwest Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin.  The signal is especially strong in the Chicago area and the surrounding suburbs.  AM-750 has the best time-brokered signal in the market.  WNDZ is on-the-air during day-time hours and boasts a fantastic location on the AM dial. 


AM-750 provides time-brokered air-time to various unique customers, and presently programs many Spanish language programs, as well as Ukrainian, Serbian, Croatian, English, and other ethnic and religious programming. 


Many programmers migrate towards WNDZ due to its wide coverage area which includes Chicago, Elgin, DeKalb, Naperville, South Bend, Benton Harbor, and Milwaukee, to name just a few larger cities.



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WAIT 850 AM Crystal Lake/Chicago


WAIT is widely known in the Chicagoland area.  AM-850 became part of the Access Radio Chicago family in 2004 when the station was acquired and immediately began brokering air-time to various programmers.


Since 2009, WAIT has been broadcasting primarily Spanish and English religious programs, from sunrise to sunset, and is well known as THE PROMISE, or LA PROMESA.


Like WSBC, WNDZ, and WAIT broadcasts from North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.


WAIT is a 2,500 watt day-time radio station which is especially strong throughout Chicagoland, the Northern and Western suburbs, as well as Southern Wisconsin.


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WSBC 1240 AM Chicago



Since 1925, WSBC has been widely known as one of the premier time-brokered radio stations in the market.  Operating at 1,000 watts, WSBC has served more than 30 different languages since the year 2000 alone.  Over the years, AM-1240 has been home to some of the most respected and beloved personalities in the Chicago area, and has won numerous awards for community service. 


AM-1240 presently offers air-time to more than 40 different programmers and has a line-up that includes Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Latvian, Hindi, Urdu, Irish, English, and other ethnic, religious, and niche programming. 


Many clients that broker radio time on WSBC have been on AM-1240 for over 30 years.  WSBC has more than 10 unique languages on the air currently, and its tower, located on the Northwest side of Chicago, blankets the city and surrounding suburbs. 


WSBC has a crisp and very clear omni-directional signal with digital studios at 5625 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago, shared by WNDZ-AM 750, and WAIT-AM 850.


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General Manager Mark Pinski


Mr. Pinski has been in broadcasting for over 30 years, and started with Newsweb Radio Company in January, 2000. For a good portion of his communications career, Mark was a sportscaster. He attended Highland Park High School (IL), Denver University, and Columbia College in Chicago. When people in Chicagoland seek air-time to produce and program their own radio show, Mark is always at the top of the list for prospective clients to call. He has worked with more than 500 different radio brokers from many different countries and cultures.  You can call him at 773-792-1121 for more information.






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